What Is The Difference Between Light Box Cloth And Inkjet Cloth?
- Feb 11, 2019 -

Light box cloth is used for light box printing. Printing cloth is a kind of fabric material sprayed with special coating for inkjet printing. It is generally used for hanging pictures and scroll pictures.

First, the overall difference between light box cloth and inkjet cloth.

The range of inkjet printing cloth is relatively large, which is the collective name in the inkjet industry. Light box cloth is some of the materials in the printing cloth. That is, the light box cloth is only a part of the printing cloth, and the printing cloth contains the light box cloth.

Inkjet cloth is a fabric material sprayed with a special coating that can be used for inkjet printing. It is generally used for painting and scrolling.

The light box cloth is used for light box printing. The light box screen used in the bus subway does not necessarily use the same material, some users, and some users.

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Second, the difference between the light box cloth and the inkjet cloth is described in detail.

Inkjet cloth: We generally think that Polaroid, black fabric and outdoor banner cloth can be called inkjet cloth. The material of the inkjet cloth must be relatively hard.

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Light box cloth: Light box cloth is divided into several types, which are soft and hard.

1. Light box cloth can be divided into UV light box cloth, inkjet light box cloth, heat transfer light box cloth,

2. The material and use of these light box cloths are different.

The material of the UV light box cloth is soft and hard. Like the aluminum type cloth cloth light box cloth used nowadays, it is made of UV or heat transfer light box cloth. However, the printing cloth must not work, the printing cloth is hard, the material of the thermal transfer light box cloth is soft, it can also be folded, and it is convenient to carry.

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