Take You Into The Waterproof Tarpaulin World
- Oct 30, 2017 -

With the extensive application of waterproof tarpaulin, people's understanding of waterproof tarpaulin is also more and more urgent, in order to meet the needs of more people, the following will take you to specific understanding of waterproof tarpaulin.

Waterproof tarpaulin is used for waterproof or damp, moisture-proof cloth on the wax, that is, waterproof tarpaulin, waterproof cloth. It is generally used polyester fabric material and then wax oil made of waterproof, mildew, dustproof function tarpaulin. Popular name: Wax cloth, tarpaulin, oil silicon, tarpaulin and so on, most of the northern region is called as $xmlesc, some parts of the south are also known as Gabe. Waterproof tarpaulin can choose a lot of materials, PVC coated cloth, wax tarpaulin, silicone cloth, waterproof nylon, pe cloth, knife scraping cloth, fire-resistant cloth.