The Butterfly Change Journey
- Feb 19, 2018 -

To mention the warp knitting, many business owners are proud to say: "We should not call the traditional industry." "Because of warp knitting products weaving process and related to apparel production factors, warp knitting industry was wearing a" traditional industry "hat. Along with the restriction of resource factors and the aggravation of market competition, haining warp knitting faces severe transition pressure.

However, the transformation of the road is not smooth sailing, in the fierce price war, enterprises are generally hit hard. Some enterprises Chancemen, the result of heavy losses ...

Facing the hesitation and perplexity of enterprise transformation, in recent years, the Park management Committee implemented leading, holding group development, innovation-driven, just a few years time, so that the traditional industry not only renewed vitality and vitality, but also in the Phoenix to the new warp knitting Industry "butterfly change."

From price war to dislocation development

Today's Ma Ma Warp Knitting Park has become the national model of new industrial industry demonstration base, the national foreign trade transformation and upgrading of professional model base, the first batch of provincial modern service industry agglomeration demonstration area. Since the reform and opening-up, haining warp knitting industry has grown rapidly, sitting in the "second place" in the three local traditional industries. and warp knitting Enterprise agglomeration degree is highest, the output value is the biggest when is the MA, its output occupies to the total amount of Haining 70%, national warp knitting total of 20%.

In the labor cost is low, uses the land not to worry, the production enterprise few times, the Ma Qiao Warp Knitting Enterprise Day has been flourishing. However, with the change of market situation and the intensification of resource factor restriction, the MA Jing series is facing a severe test. And an advertising light box cloth price war, more will ma warp knitting to the cusp. At that time Maqiao, advertising light box cloth is almost all warp knitting enterprise flagship products, in the enterprise product structure generally accounted for about half.

Up to 2009 years, the fierce price war so that advertising light box cloth prices to the lowest level, almost unprofitable. At this time, the transformation and upgrade become Maqiao of the imminent event.

But how do you turn?

At that time, we decided to the warp knitting industry as a ' leading industry ', adhere to bigger, stronger, do not waver. "Maqiao street party secretary, Haining Industrial Park Management Committee director Shanda that to make the successful transformation of enterprises and parks, the key is to the enterprise" tree confidence, the direction of the Ming, injection vitality. After several years of time, around the transformation and upgrading, the park played a series of "combination boxing", so that the entire warp knitting industry spirit spirits.

5 consecutive years, the introduction of industrial economic support policy, the cumulative investment of 20 million yuan special funds to upgrade the core competitiveness of the industry, leading enterprises to take the high-end, differentiated development path. At present, Haining warp Knitting Industry Park industry leading enterprises have a unique product main direction, Wanfang's tarpaulin almost cover all Japanese cars, Sheng plush products almost all-encompassing, become the industry's "plush King." "The operation has specialized" at the same time, the industry leading enterprises began to wider and broader areas of expansion, some enterprises gradually to the whole industry chain extension. such as the sea from doing polyester silk to do weaving, and then to the production of airbags, formed from raw materials processing to warp finished products of the whole industrial chain pattern.

The successful transformation of leading enterprises also brings new development opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises in the park. The management committee of the park should make good use of it, promote the rational allocation of enterprise resources, promote the cooperation of upstream and downstream enterprises, so that the park resources can be efficiently configured and utilized under existing conditions. At present, the industry leading enterprises in the park all have related supporting enterprises, more than 20 or more, and more than 90% of the upstream and downstream SMEs through supporting cooperation to enjoy the transformation of the results. The park also gradually formed the raw materials, weaving, deep-processing, finished products, such as before the allocation of a reasonable industrial chain.

Not only that, the concept of energy-saving emission reduction in the global reach consensus, green development has become a common goal. The key to save energy is to let power customers to jointly manage their own needs, which puts forward new requirements for watt-hour meter technology. At the same time, promoting the development of energy demand management includes improving the coverage of intelligent watt-hour meter and the application of the system of Internet of things, which has become a major factor in the demand growth of electric energy meter.