Quality Tarpaulin Should Have Characteristics
- Oct 30, 2017 -

The performance of tarpaulin has been continuously developed because of the continuous progress of modern production technology, in the traditional tarpaulin based on the production of more high-quality tarpaulin, high-quality tarpaulin which features? So what kind of quality tarpaulin?

A, the current relatively high-quality tarpaulin to propylene as the main raw materials made, performance greatly improved in life is also widely used in the construction of outdoor tents, sheds and so on.

b, it has a stronger puncture, corrosion resistance, anti-aging performance, long service life.

C, and can be recycled, completely green environmental protection.

D, on the basis of good waterproof effect, at the same time have a good endothermic function, regardless of rainy days can be a good cover. If you stand under the tarp, the sun will be direct eyes, it means that the sun and the rain is not good effect.

E, high quality tarpaulin latitude and longitude density, strong degree of tenacity, the appearance of a smooth and soft, with the hands touch a comfortable touch.

F, each square centimeter of water to bear more of course the quality of the better.