How To Produce And Apply Light Box Cloth?
- Feb 19, 2018 -

1. Distinguishing points

Light box cloth quality identification points: thickness, tensile strength, ductility, weather resistance, light transmittance, flame retardant, peel degree, flatness, such as for inkjet and ink-absorbing, color reduction and so on.

Three kinds of crafts

Light box cloth According to the production process is divided into three kinds: the knife scraping method light box cloth, calendering method Light box cloth and paste the legal light box cloth.

2, Production methods

Knife Scraping method

Knife Scraping method Light box cloth technology is the liquid PVC slurry with a number of anti-scraper evenly on both sides of the fabric, and then through the drying process so that it fully integrated into a whole, and then cooling forming. It is characterized by impermeability, tensile strength and strong peel resistance. As a result of the knife scraping the product is a whole, so that stripping phenomenon can be eliminated, and through welding can make stitching at the strength of more than the product itself. At present, this kind of craft's light box cloth width can reach 5 meters. Because of the complex production process, production equipment is more expensive, therefore, in the Chinese market for such products mainly imported, the price is relatively high. The most representative of the German-made Autron (Ultralon), South Korea production Hanwha (Uniflex) and Belgian production (Sioen).

Calendering method

Calendering method is the PVC powder and liquid plasticizer, such as a variety of raw materials to be fully stirred, after the high temperature hot roll pressure, and fabric bonded into a whole. Its characteristic is the surface smoothness is good, and the light transmittance is even, has the superiority in the inside hits the lamp cloth. However, limited by equipment, the width of the general not more than 3 meters. The 645 and 9,452 kinds of light box cloth developed by the United States 3M Company are produced by this process, and the music and light box cloth developed by Korea LG Company is also the representative of this kind of craft.

Paste Legal

Paste Legal Light box cloth is the top and bottom two layers of PVC film, through heating, under the pressure of the hot roller and the middle of the optical fiber mesh together, cooling forming. The biggest feature of this process is the excellent ink-jet printing and strong color performance. Therefore, with the rise of large inkjet printing, but also to this type of light box cloth brought unlimited vitality. At present, this kind of light box cloth in China's market share has exceeded 70%.

3. Application of Light box cloth

1. Wedding Photo studio, home decoration, building decoration, Design Institute, Planning Institute, product designing Center, bridge building, steam super thin beauty: She is ultra-thin and light, elegant and generous appearance. Its thickness is generally less than 3CM, only ordinary light box thickness of nearly 1/10. So she maximized the space utilization, beautified the environment, saved the transportation cost, simplified the installation procedure, widened the application scope. Especially for the use of space demanding environment such as: elevators, public channels, shopping malls, supermarkets, subways, stations, etc., is ultra-thin light box the most ideal place to use.

2. Exhibition halls, museums, libraries, gymnasiums, art galleries, galleries, opera houses, universities, secondary schools, vocational schools, hospitals, banks, insurance, securities, decoration propaganda works.

3. The Conference Centre, Exhibition Center, Certification center, municipal Engineering, department stores, supermarket chains, shopping malls, jewelry monopoly, cosmetics chain, beverage trade, tobacco and alcohol trade, chain fast food, drug chain, stationery center, boutique Center, Furniture Center, home appliances Wholesale, musical instruments monopoly, and other advertising promotional projects.

4. Municipal lighting system, square lamp project, park attractions Introduction project, local lantern Project, Community publicity column project, Waiting Booth project, bank self-help withdrawal project, telephone booth project, power Emergency Engineering, construction exhibition project, Airport Corridor project, subway station export project, etc.

5. Hotel, hotel, restaurant, Villa, Teahouse, western restaurant, café, Cake Bakery, bar, karaoke Hall, ballroom, sauna, beauty salon, fitness room, health care homes, such as the wall painting landscaping works.