How To Identify The Tarp
- Oct 30, 2017 -

1. Appearance. Excellent PVC coated fabric color is good, very bright, one side smooth, the other side has a bit of granular objects, the resin composition to add appropriate, the temperature is appropriate; no pinhole, high resin density, good anti-aging, long service life.

2. Pull. According to the process, the canvas in the material ratio is very hard, matching is very suitable, so the damage to the cloth is small, the tension will be better;

3. Waterproof performance. Waterproof performance, good colloid, canvas will not appear pinhole, indicating that the production of materials is very good. In the material addition, the resin composition is many, the density is high, the waterproof performance is good.

4. Handle. Feel very soft, although the feeling of the thickness of the general, but in fact, the thickness has hit the requirements, just because of high resin composition, processing skills, so feel very soft, not feel rough.

5. Production process. PVC Coated plastic cloth with vertical machine production, vertical machinery production, will be pulled straight into the material box pull out, $xmlesc adhesive resin material is high purity of PVC material, and then both sides have been pulling straight over the machine with a knife scraping, with the knife after drying dryer, cutting edge, circle, packaging. There are two kinds of dryer, one is electric burning, the other is boiler. The vertical machine has a high requirement for raw material and must have a certain purity to the raw material. Often the vertical machine production PVC canvas is slightly expensive, the canvas product purity is also high.

6. Environmental performance. PVC Coated cloth to polyester filament as the base cloth, the appearance of PVC double-sided coating, selected high-quality environmental protection resin, smooth surface, bright colors, with waterproof, fire, anti-corrosion, mildew, cold, high temperature, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging and other properties.

Master These aspects, basically you have a certain choice of vision, one eye can judge good or bad.