About Advertising Light Boxes, You Have To Look At The Knowledge
- Feb 23, 2018 -

Advertising light box also known as "light Box poster" or "Night Ming posters." For outdoor advertising light box, its application sites distributed in roads, streets, as well as shadow (play) courtyard, exhibition (sales), commercial downtown, stations, airports, docks, parks and other public places. Foreign countries called "semi permanent" street art. A new type of flexible light box to change the traditional light box day effect is poor, no image, the monotonous character of the defect, with its lifelike image. Show rich glyphs, both day and night with gorgeous colors, strong texture shows the unique decorative effect. Flexible light box production technology and materials, technology can not only be made to cover the entire wall of the giant light box and the building dissolved in one, but also can be made into a physical model, and a few years do not change color, easy to transport, easy to install, easy to wear and flame retardant.

Types and characteristics of an advertising light box

Mini Light Box

Miniature light boxes are mainly small vertical, three-sided rotation, double-sided arc-type rotation and organic technology, such as light boxes. Micro-light box requirements, exquisite workmanship, beautiful appearance, no Burr, no gap, close interface profiles. Mainly on the counter, booth, for the display of high-grade, precious goods value and performance.

Second, convex character light box

Convex character light box is to let blister light box screen part of the text than the picture on the plane projecting a level, so that the picture rich three-dimensional. There are two kinds of this kind of light box: one is protruding the text and the Light box film is an advertisement, there is no seam between the words and the light box, this approach is suitable for small light boxes, the second is to do a blister light box, and then to highlight the position of the text to stay out, and do a good job of absorbing the word, fix the edge, with special glue bonding, forming a convex word effect, this

Third, rolling light box

Rolling light box is the use of open-type aluminum alloy material for the border, PC board or tempered glass for the panel, photo film for the screen, and equipped with electronic control rolling system of a new light box. Scrolling light box can also be a number of photo images together, each screen can be adjusted according to the time needed. Because of its changeable picture, high information content and novel design, it is widely used in large shopping malls or prime locations, which saves space and shows the effect of dynamic.

Four, ultra-thin light box

ultra-thin light Box is the application of light guide plate, reflective film, cold Aurora tube and other major components, combined with a variety of materials in the outer frame of a multi-functional advertising carrier. The outer frame material has aluminum profile and stainless steel two kinds, uses the elegant streamline shape design, the appearance is pleasing to the eye, and has many kinds of color spraying.

ultra-thin light box with its ultra-thin, power saving, environmental protection, easy construction, uniform lighting, eye, appearance and other characteristics are widely used in subways, airports, stations, trading centers, shopping malls, banks, photo studios, hotel hotels, large entertainment venues and other indoor places.

V. Combination Light Box

Combination of the appearance of Light box is double-sided arc, light box tablets use not broken board, skeleton using special hardware and aluminum alloy profiles, with the above lid, base, users need to simply assemble. Combination of light box screen can be pasted film, screen printing, installation of a variety of forms, can be site, side hanging, can also be hung. At present, the market demand is large, widely used in such as street shops, stalls, as signboards or business instructions, when business lights to attract customers, stop business after putting into the store, very convenient.

Six, perpetual calendar light Box

Calendar box is in a single wall-mounted light box on the basis of the addition of tens of thousands of calendar electronic display clock, the screen can be based on the needs of users to produce their own, configuration products advertising information or landscape paintings, art photos and so on. Calendar box is widely used in offices, family rooms, public places, institutions, shopping malls, stores, etc. to use advertising, alarm clock, photo frame place.

Seven, blister light box

Blister light box is the use of blister advertising light box, its shape has a square, round and shaped and so on. Blister light box skeleton from aluminum bending, aluminum profile width of 6cm, 8cm, 10cm, 11.5cm, etc., can be based on the size of the lamp or customer requirements to choose the right width. Larger size of the light box can be reinforced by steel, light box feet depending on the installation method, there is a T-shaped, mounted on a cylinder with a hoop, etc. The light box piece adopts acrylic board to suck out a raised panel as the surface of the light box by the blister machine after heating, also can be pressed by the presses.

Eight, rotating light box

In the blister light box based on the configuration of the motor, so that it can be constant rotation, so that the static picture alive.

Lamp Pole Light Box

Lamp pole light box is also called Pole lamp box, street lamp light box, lamp pole Lightbox. It is a kind of advertisement light box which is installed on the lamp pole.

is widely used in exhibition halls, museums, libraries, gymnasiums, art galleries, hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, convention centers, exhibition centers, municipal works, department stores and other places.

Ten, pull cloth light box

According to the use of light source division, pull cloth lightbox more common led pull cloth Lightbox is currently the most widely used lightbox type. Pull cloth light box with a unique side open cover and track slip hook design, can quickly and easily replace the screen, through the form of goods shipped to all parts of the world, installation simple, fast.

The common process technology of making advertisement light box

Advertising light box in the production process, usually use what process technology?

1, heat transfer printing technology

In the flexible light box cloth plus solid ink to do hot pressing treatment, day and night as eye-catching and bright, can replace adhesive stickers. The surface layer is protected by light film, which has the characteristics of anti-ultraviolet, automatic cleaning and fouling. Thermal transfer technology is the ideal technical means of advertising light boxes, especially for processing fonts, cartoon block patterns, shelf life up to 5-8 years.

2, Advertising lightbox light box fabric tension system and profile light box technology

Can make the light box firm, flat, overall durability, can resist 100km/hours of wind.

3. Advertisement Light Box cloth seam

High-frequency high-pressure hot seam, using special welding belt, special seam belt, is the processing of light box screen auxiliary technical means.

4, Computer inkjet

Widely due to the processing of advertising lightbox light box screen, the definition of 9, 12, 36, 72, DPI, etc., applicable to the format within 5M, suitable for different locations, different distance advertising light box and production. The recent foreign entry into the Chinese market, the high definition of large inkjet equipment: 240DPI, 360DPI, Width 5M, but high prices, limited applicability, should not be widely promoted.

5. Computer photo

Definition of more than 240DPI, suitable for the production of indoor and outdoor close range of advertising.

6, Thermoforming Technology

Suitable for PVC, PC, organic board and other materials, can make the logo, text, graphics with a variety of colors, a molding, is a modern popular form of light box.

7, Groove type Word technology

is the contemporary high-end font production process, the use of professional equipment, fine production, is the replacement of copper word, iron word of a new generation of products.

8, Computer engraving light box technology

can be built-in lighting, external computer engraving, contour light uniformity, is a new type of lightbox products.

9, all kinds of computer engraving technology

Applicable to the production of various signs and fonts.