What is silicone canvas? What's the use?
- Oct 30, 2017 -

Silicone is a kind of polymers that are synthesized and structurally based on silicon atom and oxygen atom. Because of the high bonding energy of the silicon oxygen bond which makes up the main chain, the stability of the silicone polymers is much higher than that of the general organic polymers. Although the mechanical properties of silicone at room temperature differ greatly from other materials, however, it shows excellent physical and mechanical properties at high and low temperature, Street ℃, its performance is not affected, some can even under the Spadium normal use; High and low temperature, electrical insulation, ozone-resistant, Resistant to radiation, nonflammable, hydrophobic, corrosion resistance, non-toxic tasteless and physiological inertia. Today, silicone has been widely used in electronic and electrical, construction, textile, light industry, medical and other industries, and in the automotive industry has a wide range of applications.

Silicone Canvas Main use:

I. A cargo cloth for automobiles, trains and ships;

Two. It can be used as a cover for the open storage of the terminal seaport airport at the station;

Three. Can build temporary granary, all kinds of crop open cover;

Four. can be used as building site electric power construction sites and other sites to build sheds, fixed warehouse materials;

Five. Can do training in the field of tents, vehicles, such as silicone tarpaulin;

Six. Because of the characteristics of scratch-resistant, it is also widely used in metal materials cover the Rain canvas.