Treatment method of old tarpaulin and folding method of tarpaulin
- Oct 30, 2017 -

Tarpaulin in our lives use very much, and for some old tarpaulin treatment methods, our factory also has a very good treatment method, so tarpaulin is a good use rate and the value of recycling, the specific method please see the following introduction.

In the treatment of old tarpaulin many manufacturers put the old tarpaulin is crushed and melted into granules again, then after processing to become a new tarpaulin, but this tarpaulin because is a refurbished granules made of poor quality, the sun and wind less than a year is damaged, then some manufacturers will make the old tarpaulin to do a simple tarp damaged mending, The more serious tarp breakage generally does not suggest the customer to sew, because even if is mended, the tarpaulin also will not use very long. For that kind of aging tarpaulin directly destructive, not as a renovation of the tarp raw materials, fundamentally to ensure the interests of customers.

Collapse Method:

The tarpaulin is spread upward, leaving two side ropes folded along the sides of the length direction to the tarpaulin longitudinal midline. The tarpaulin width direction of the two sides of each side of the tarpaulin transverse line fold, and then each successive to the middle fold three times and then steadfast. Use the rope to tie, two sides bundle cross, tighten up, line, should not loose and rope buckle off, not to procrastinate. The path emblem and tarpaulin number on the tarpaulin should be clearly revealed after folding.