Making method of environment-friendly and renewable ultra-light inkjet box cloth
- Jan 07, 2018 -

Making method of environment-friendly and renewable ultra-light inkjet box cloth

Technical field:

The invention relates to a light box cloth, in particular to an environmentally-friendly and renewable super lightweight inkjet lamp-box cloth.

Background technology:

With the growing wealth of goods and the rapid development of advertising decoration industry, inkjet advertising light box cloth in the advertising decoration industry, the use of more and more. Traditional Inkjet light box cloth mainly uses two layers of polyvinyl chloride and a layer of high-strength polyester network cloth by three-layer composite machine composite. As a result of the sandwiched between the net cloth, and limited its recycling, and the quality is heavier, so the need for an environmentally-friendly renewable light box cloth generation. Light box cloth According to the production process can be divided into knife scraping method light box cloth, calendering method Light box cloth and paste the legal light box cloth. Knife Scraping method Light box cloth technology is the liquid polyvinyl chloride slurry with a number of anti-scraper evenly to the two sides of the base fabric, and then through the drying process so that it fully integrated into a whole, after cooling forming. It is characterized by impermeability, tensile strength and strong peel resistance. Calendering method is to the PVC powder and liquid plasticizer, such as a variety of raw materials to fully stir, after the high temperature hot roll pressure, and the substrate bonded into a whole. It is characterized by better surface smoothness, and even light transmittance, in the lighting in the light cloth more advantages, but by the limitations of equipment, the width is generally not more than 3 meters. Affixed to the legal light box cloth is the top and bottom two layers of PVC film, through heating, under the pressure of hot rollers and the middle of the optical fiber mesh together, cooling forming, the most characteristic of this process is to have an excellent inkjet ink-absorbing and strong color expression.