Late maintenance of Poncho
- Oct 30, 2017 -

We use Jian Yub at the same time maintenance is also very important, the quality of poncho even better but later maintenance work in a certain degree is also the most important, how to prevent poncho specific how to maintain it?

1. To first seriously study the use of Jian Yub instructions, and then install, installation process should pay attention to the installation of Jian Yub Some of the details, such as is not Jian Yub fasten the position is good and so on.

2. To be in the process of attention, if there is sharp or very sharp objects, must be put properly, do not let it Jian Yub scratch to avoid affecting the use of the effect later, and in a timely manner to Jian Yub repair work, so that the use of Jian Yub to achieve the greatest effect.

3. For the handling of the tarpaulin, take care of the light, to ensure that placed in a safe position, do not put in too hot place, there is no fireworks. So as not to fire the tarpaulin or tarpaulin under the goods caused unnecessary loss.

4. To do a good job of cleaning tarpaulin, after use, if there is a period of time not to use the need to put up, it is necessary to carry out a simple cleaning of the tarpaulin. In case the object rots inside the tarpaulin, it corrodes the tarpaulin.

To sum up, we must be careful when using poncho, do a good job of preventing and defending poncho. To maximize the use of Jian Yub, and to extend the Jian Yub service life.