How to store PE tarpaulin correctly
- Oct 30, 2017 -

In the daily life, everyone in the use of tarpaulin is usually with the use of the following, the end of the direct collection. It has to be said that it is easy to make tarpaulin moldy, affecting its service life.

As we all know, PE tarpaulin has waterproof, moistureproof, mildew-proof characteristics. However, it is necessary to say that the three is to ensure that the goods covered, and can not say that the PE tarpaulin itself mold. Many users do not pay attention to dry after use, which results in a long time tarp can smell a lot of musty.

How to prevent storage PE tarpaulin is correct?

First of all, prevention is fundamental, you should develop after the use of tarpaulin must be clean and dry, so as to prolong the life of tarpaulin, reduce user losses. For the already smelly tarpaulin, we can use the hot soapy water and towel or sponge to scrub it again and dry. You can mix salt water, lemon juice and soda water together, rub the moldy place in the solution, then dry, and you'll have a clean and tidy new tarp with lemon aroma.