How to properly maintain tarpaulin?
- Oct 30, 2017 -

When buying tents, customers often worry about the quality of the tent. However, no matter how much more expensive tents, when the use of care is futile, then how to properly maintain the tent?

To prevent the breakage of the tarpaulin, do not use sharp objects when opening the package.

Second, the use of the tent for a long time, will inevitably encounter with dust, in order not to affect its beauty is the best use of warm soapy water to scrub it clean.

Three, the strut breaks? Bracket bent? The tent was damaged when it was opened? After understanding that this is not a quality problem, it is not in the process of opening the correct method.

IV. The use of the tent to be hauled on the ground and put the weights on top of it is a very wrong way to do it, because it can easily cause damage.