Five-step covered method for waterproofing tarpaulin
- Oct 30, 2017 -

Usually we know, waterproof tarpaulin uses a lot, but the waterproof tarpaulin covered is also very fastidious, the use of the correct covered method, can prolong the service life of waterproof tarpaulin. Here is a brief introduction to the waterproof tarpaulin Five steps covered method:

1. Tarpaulin front longitudinal covered, waist rope on the platform side.

2. The binding of the corner rope: each end of the tarp 2 corner rope tension, so that the corner of the tarp to expand into a triangular shape. The two sides of the cloth angle are flattened and folded into the end wall of the freight car, and at both ends of the vehicle, the corners are tight, through the pressure rope, the hand hook or the inside of the brake rod, the x type is tightened, and the tie is tied to the T-tie on both ends

3. Binding of waist and side ropes: the middle of the vehicle is a T-iron, the waist of the middle of the tarp, and the Bing are tied to the T-tie in the middle of the vehicle, the middle waist and the Bing are bundled in the middle of the tack-iron near the vehicle, respectively. Other waist and side ropes, starting from both ends of the vehicle, toward the middle of the vehicle, are bundled on the corresponding T-tie.

4. Binding of End Ropes: 2 end ropes per end of tarpaulin, should be tightened, through the hand hook or brake rod, respectively, perpendicular to the vehicle end of the two-tack iron.

5. Binding of the rope: the pressure rope at each end of the tarpaulin shall be tightened in the corner of the tarp, so that the tarpaulin clings to the side of the vehicle wall and is tied to the side of the vehicle.