Considerations when using Tarpaulin
- Oct 30, 2017 -

1. Buckle Ring (canopy ring, buttonhole) as an auxiliary tarpaulin fixed details exist, itself does not have the ability to withstand strong (strong wind), as the use of car tarpaulin when encountering strong wind or bubble goods, please be sure to cover the outside of the tarpaulin protective net, as outdoor goods cover $XMLESC use when you pay attention to the weather conditions, when the wind is too large, Please pay attention to strengthen the tarpaulin (stone and other heavy weight), ride the bad environment easily damaged tarpaulin, shorten its service life.

2. Tarpaulin in the use of the roof, bearing tarpaulin steel structure, please be sure to select good materials, structure, the span over the roof please after the tarpaulin tension on the cloth on the flat iron fixed, to prevent strong wind attack.

3. Tarpaulin in the use of the process if there is damage, you can clean up the damaged place, and then wipe with alcohol once again in the cloth head and damaged place evenly coated with universal plastic (hundred glue, sticky prison, etc.), three minutes later want to stick stick can be.

4. Tarpaulin in rainy days after the use of the need to collect it, please be sure to dry first, the cloth on the surface of the time too long easy to cause the tarpaulin aging accelerated.