Brief introduction of PVC coated fiberglass cloth
- Jan 07, 2018 -

PVC Coated cloth with fiberglass cloth, glass cloth, chemical fiber cloth as the base cloth, with special process coating, the main performance features: Waterproof, flame-retardant, mildew, cold, anti-corrosion (for short three cloth, five proof cloth), anti-aging, Anti-ultraviolet, easy to clean, high temperature (180 degrees), good insulation characteristics.

Main uses

1, Peng Cloth Category: Widely used in train, car transport with Peng cloth, grain warehousing, wharf, warehouse with canopy cloth. (mainly waterproof)

2, wind duct cloth: Drilling tower Clothing, all kinds of tents, mine wind duct and so on. (mainly waterproof, fire prevention, cold, anti-corrosion, etc.)

3, Insulation: Used to bind a variety of pipes and equipment, you can cut into strips.

4. Make the fireproof tape.

5, Fire welding Blanket (ships and other welding protection), fire isolation barriers, fire tents.

6, make the construction membrane material, produces each kind of landscape project.

7, build all kinds of tents, temporary use of rooms. (Our company can be independently constructed).

Main varieties

Double-sided coated PVC flame-retardant waterproof Cloth

Fire welding Blanket

PVC Five anti-chemical fiber shelter cloth

Mine wind duct cloth

Waterproof Canvas

Railway Wagon Cloth

Freight car peng cloth, grain heap, cargo pile peng cloth, tent cloth.