Eco Fabric Specialist
PP Woven Flex Banner And Tarpaulin
-100% recyclable PP yarn fabric + PP coated
-Suitable for UV banner printing
-40% lighter than traditional PVC fabric
-Superb durability and strength
-Long shelf-life
-Halogen-free, nontoxic, odorless

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About Us

Elephant Fabric Ltd is a high-tech subsidiary company controlled by Kedermaker New Zealand Ltd.

Our growing collection of eco-fabric includes Ecoprint™ PP Flex banner, Farmland™ PP Tarpaulin/cover and PP membrane.

Production lines are fully developed by Elephant Fabric Ltd, the manufacturing process involves the base PP fabric with our special coating...

Our PP fabric is 100% degradable and recyclable, it is foreseeable that the traditional flex banner fabric will be replaced by the PP fabric in the future...

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